Cash Physical Therapy in Franklin, WI

Looking to save with Cash Physical Therapy in Franklin, WI? Here at KSR Performance, we get you back to 100%! Our professionals deliver exceptional, individual, and cost-effective care to assure long-term effects.

Whether it is a new injury or something that has been going on, we treat all pain and are eager to get you back to your usual self! Paying with cash for Physical Therapy actually helps you save more while working on your journey to wellness.

Each of your treatment sessions is with a one-on-one licensed specialist. Call today to learn how much you save when paying with cash for physical therapy in Franklin, WI.

What Are the Benefits of Cash Physical Therapy in Franklin, WI?

Due to progressively worsening reimbursement rates and pressure from insurance companies, the therapists at in-network clinics have to see at least 2 patients per hour (usually many more) and they often use technicians and assistants to provide much of the actual patient care.

The care often includes modalities like heat packs and ultrasound, and the majority of a patient’s time at the clinic is spent doing repetitive exercises they could do on their own time. Furthermore, these types of clinics tend to require patients to attend 2-3 appointments per week for many weeks!

Below is some general pricing information about our cash physical therapy services in Franklin, WI, and how you can actually SAVE using this method and get more value for your dollar.

Cash Physical Therapy in Franklin, savings from paying with cash. physical therapy in franklin wi
Traditional vs. Cash Pay
$40 Co-Pay/Cost Per Visit $120
12 # of Visits 4
$480 Total Cost $480
180 min. Time Spent With PT 240 min.
$2.67 Cost Per Minute $2.00

Total cost decreases to $240 if insurance

reimburses 50% for OON benefits.

General Rates Information

  • 20 min “Discovery Session”: FREE
  • Insurance- KSR currently accepts Medicare, WEA, Humana, United Health Care, Aetna & Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin. The fee schedule for each is dictated to us. We have no control over these.
  • Fee-for-Service (Cash-Pay): $120/visit (Evaluation & Subsequent Visits)*

*KSR will do a courtesy check of “Out of Network Benefits” with your insurance company. See FAQ for more details.

Astym ONLY Packages

astym pricing, ksrpt, physical therapy in franklin


  • Initial Assessment $60
  • 3 prepaid sessions $165
  • 6 prepaid sessions $300

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